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Jeff Hathaway is the repair and consult portion of the business. I have attained the Microsoft Certified Professional certificate and am working on Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification.

I have been working with computers and computer programs since the early 1980's off and on. I am retired from the position of Network Administrator/Computer Specialist at the Brunswick School Department. I have taken various courses at SMTC, USM, UNE,and Cape Cod Community College, although much of what I know has been self taught. Tinkering with computers, their programs and consulting with other technolgy people has been the backbone of my education. The formal training is very good but the hands on everyday work and trouble shooting that I do has given me the best education.

I have also worked at Envisionet doing technical support for Microsoft Networks. I have done web pages and web sites from the ground up and have maintained sites that others have built.