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We will consult with individuals or businesses to help make their computers and systems the most efficient possible.
We do minor repair and maintenance of most Mac's and PC's.

  • Add memory upgrades
  • Clean and defrag
  • Set up home or business networks
  • Network issues
  • Help with most software issues

We can upgrade operating systems and add or change components. We will advise as to the efficiency of upgrades and can tutor on many programs, including MS Office, browsers, email, Quicken, etc.

We also can offer phone support at a lower rate than an on premise visit. If you understand your computer and feel confident enough to do the work with over the phone support, we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you need advice on buying your first computer or upgrading to a new computer we can offer assistance and advice. We will find the best computer for the money that fits your needs.

Group lessons and classes can be scheduled to fit your needs, whether just an occasional computer user or an always on business user we can help.

Web pages built and maintained. Basic or more, whatever fits your needs. We will write the code, take the pictures, upload and maintain your web site.